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Stickman Dismount

The game Stickman Dismount is a ragdoll-style physics puzzle. You must launch yourself into the sky and try to dismount your stickman. The goal is to collect coins to upgrade your vehicle and complete the level. This game is extremely addictive, but be warned: it is extremely dangerous. Don't try this at home! Secret Exit recommends that you don't attempt to play Stickman, or any similar, game, outside of the safety of your computer.

The objective of Stickman Dismount is to destroy everything in your path. During each level, you can perform stunts and pose to launch your stick figure. Eventually, you will get enough points to unlock a new vehicle and unlock new stunts. The game also includes an unlimited supply of coins and money, which makes it the ideal platforming game. It's a fun way to burn up a few hours while practicing your physics skills.

The game is easy to play with a mouse. As you earn points, you can unlock new vehicles and try out different stunts. You can also upgrade your vehicle and unlock new stunts. This is a great way to make money and get unlimited coins. The levels are filled with fun, fast-paced action. Fortunately, you can also unlock paid features such as additional lives and additional coins. So, if you have a spare minute, you should give Stickman Dismount a try!

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