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A virtual pet game for smartphones, Pou is available on BlackBerry 10, iOS, and Android. Developed by Lebanese designer Paul Salameh, the app has a similar style to the Tamagotchi fad game. In this game, you care for a simulated creature. The app is free to download and play. The concept is simple. Users can customize their pou's appearance and behavior to meet their individual preferences.

To play Pou, you must first get a sexy girl. You can also introduce to your girlfriend, and then take care of him. As you teach Pou about the world, he's bound to get in trouble! To avoid getting yourself into trouble, try to avoid sexy moments with your new companion. But be warned: there's more to this game than meets the eye. It's a full-fledged adventure with cute little critters.

The first thing to know about Pou is how it works. It's a virtual pet that lives in your house. You can feed it, clean it, and play with it. You can also level up your pet and make it your own. As with any other pet, you can talk to it, which is a big plus. Whether you're playing with or a real one, he'll be there to help you.

Another important feature of Pou is that it allows you to play games with other Pous and play multiplayer games online. In addition to playing with other Pous, you can even play Pou-vs-Pou games, which you can find in online forums. You can also set up a user account for Pou, which allows you to save your game progress. Once you've saved it, you can resume playing it on another device. Of course, you should check the application version of the new device.

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